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Campus life stands out the most during Homecoming Week. And what would Homecoming Week be without a Homecoming project? Digital Collections is celebrating by adding images from the Public Relations Collection to the ContentDM database. Looking through this collection provides an opportunity to see campus life from a variety of angles. The Public Relations collection includes a selection of photos, drawings, and notes from the Public Relations Department, now known as Marketing and Communications, here at Saint Louis University. The folders in this collection (currently one hundred and counting) are organized by subject, including Students, Pius Library, Founders Day, and many others, and they include images of many significant people, places, and events in University history. In addition to the Public Relations project, we are currently in the process of digitizing The University News Collection, which contains information about campus life from the student-reporters’ angle. The University News collection will include all issues of the student newspapers, starting with the first issue, dated October 15, 1919, when it was known as “The Billiken”. These will be available at in the near future.

As always, new material or new views are being added to our current collections, for example, University Course Catalogs – Archives now includes most of the catalogs from 1829-1928 and an increasing amount of Father Luke photos are frequently being added to the Photo Collection – Archives. From the Library angle, view the variety of ways campus life is depicted in all of our Saint Louis University Digital Collections.

Visit the collection online at:

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