Fr. Daniel A. Lord Collection

This past Spring (2019) Pius XII Memorial Library sponsored the “Legends and Lore Spring Marathon” presented by Dr. Steve Werner, Adjunct Faculty of the Department of Theological Studies and Mr. John Waide, University Archivist Emeritus. This “Marathon” included four sessions discussing Saint Louis University history through the connections of notable Jesuits. The Archives and Digital Services Department in conjunction with John Waide put together a display of a small part of Fr. Daniel Lord’s prolific work. Our Daniel A. Lord Collection contains more than 500 pamphlets, articles, plays, musical compositions, and children’s books published by the Queen’s Work, the publishing arm of the Sodality of Our Lady, under the direction of Father Dan Lord (1888-1955). He authored many of the materials himself mainly for the spiritual growth of young people. Some of the highlights of the display included a play How the fairies came to Ireland and a brochure with the same name from Galahad Records selling Fr. Lord’s record of his music played and sung by him, My Box of Ten Gloria Books each with different Christian subjects, and a children’s activity book entitled These are our Martyrs which includes cut-outs for making a miniature Colosseum with paper lions, gladiators and Christian martyrs.

The Daniel A. Lord Collection is one of many collections to explore and research in Archives and Digital Services. Visit us online to view our Digital Collections at

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