Students Take Advantage of Improved Study Areas

The Medical Center Library Refresh Project continues with a recent addition of new furniture to the open study area, creating a revamped space that offers more variety in group arrangements and study conditions. These more flexible options include high-top and low-top desks as well as larger group tables. Bench seating, adjustable rolling chairs, and standing workstations provide more comfort for study sessions. Tabletops with built-in electric outlet access allow students to work for longer periods uninterrupted by the need to get up and search for a power source. Located under the skylight in the center of the Medical Center Library, the new furniture allows students to take full advantage of the flood of beautiful natural light. With accommodation for at least sixty students, the redesigned area has become a popular study destination. Previous renovation in the enclosed quiet study area at the Medical Center Library created individual pods with comfortable seating for those who enjoy a more secluded environment. These new changes are part of an effort to update both the look and function of the library to make it more compatible with modern student needs. Students unaffiliated with the School of Medicine are welcome to visit the library. The Medical Center Library is located on the second floor of the Learning Resources Center at 1402 South Grand Boulevard.

-Renee Breer

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