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EBSCO, a familiar name with library patrons, is a leading research database, journal subscription, ebook, and discovery system provider.    Ever refining and creating information tools, the company and one of its subsidiaries, Plum Analytics, launched a new product to track the research impact of a work via alternative usage indicators.  At the beginning of the academic year the tool was added as a new feature to SLUth Search Plus, the main search box on the Libraries’ homepage for searching many library resources.

Alternative metrics, like PlumX, complement traditional citation tools, such as Web of Science and Scopus by collecting metrics from a number of categories including:  usage, mentions, captures, social media, and citations.  A screen capture from the Plum Analytics website describes types of resources collected within each category.

Examples of each type are

Alternative metrics  provide researchers opportunities to track the impact of their work in a timely manner as opposed to traditional citation tracking which can take years.  Additionally, more types of research output are tracked beyond the traditional journal article.  These other types of research output are called “artifacts” and include: books, book chapters, articles, webpages, posters, blog posts, posters, presentations, media, and more.

To find these new metrics, do a simple search in SLUth Search Plus and look for the PlumX logo.    Below is a record from a search in SLUth Search Plus for an encyclopedia entry written by Dr. Frances Pestello.

When you hover over the PlumX logo, you see a short list of metrics including “Abstract Views”, “Exports-Saves”, and “Reviews”:

Clicking on “see details” yields more information including definitions:

PlumX is a new way for researchers, students, and administrators to understand how research is being interacted with, viewed, shared, commented on, and used.  To find out more, please contact your liaison librarian or stop by any of the service desks in Pius Library.

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