Want to read some of the best comics from your favorite superhero titles? Come by and check out the new comic book exhibit at Pius: SPLASH PAGE. See the very titles that changed the status quo of how a story is told. Since the mid-20th century, superhero comics have helped push forward progressive and thought-provoking ideas that have helped their readers and the public understand or even convince people to look deeper, and critically think about the society they lived in. Examples of this would include in the mid-1960s when Marvel’s head writer, Stan Lee, made the decision not to have Captain America fight the Viet Cong as he had fought the Nazis in World War II, or when Dennis O’Neil had Green Lantern confront his racist preconceived notions about black Americans in his ground breaking Green Lantern/ Green Arrow book of the early 1970s.

There are so many more great books in the SPLASH PAGE exhibit such as Frank Miller’s amazing Batman: the Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil: Born Again; John Byrne’s Man of Steel, which redefined the characterization of Superman; G. Willow Wilson’s Vixen: Return of the Lion, and Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga.

Before I press on, one question has probably entered your mind already: where in Pius is the comic book exhibit? Glad you asked, it’s on the second floor. Great news: THESE BOOKS ARE TOTALLY AVAILABLE FOR CHECKOUT!!!! Please come browse, check out, and enjoy these wonderful books that have been waiting for fresh new eyes to gaze upon them. This can be a time for those of us who are fans of these characters to connect and share our love for these books, and also for new readers to expand their reading lists and dive into a whole new world of wonder and awe.

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