The Civil War Imagined and Real – Extended until May 31, 2020


The Civil War Imagined and Real is an exhibition that was organized with the intent to show that, as with all epic struggles, the Civil War lived large in the public imagination. The artistic representations of the Civil War in art were idealizations created for future consumption. By contrast, photographs documenting the war, artifacts, and the wreckage left behind all show the real destructive nature of war. The tension created by the juxtaposition of idealization and reality emphasize a pivotal point in American history and the sacrifices made for social, economic, technological, and political progress.The display is made up, to a large degree, of artifacts donated to Saint Louis University by Timothy, A&S ’72, Grad A&S ’74, Grad CSB ’77, and Jeanne Drone. The Drones’ generous donations to Saint Louis University include memorabilia reflecting the history of St. Louis, artifacts of the Mayan and Mississippian cultures, and of the native peoples of the Great Plains and Southwest. Tim and Jeanne have also contributed photographs, prints, and regionalist paintings to enhance learning and to inspire the imagination of our SLU community.

This exhibit is presented in Pius XII Memorial Library to make it readily accessible to Saint Louis University students and faculty. It is the express wish of Timothy and Jeanne that their gifts enhance student learning by complimenting classroom presentations and assignments.

We are grateful for Timothy and Jeanne’s generosity and their commitment to supporting Saint Louis University’s mission, “to pursue truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity.”

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