Fall 2019

We are very excited to welcome all students back to campus and the Libraries, especially the largest freshman class in SLU’s history! The Libraries are your place to study, seek help with your course work or your technology, meet faculty and friends, and yes, just relax. Pius Library is open late, and in couple weeks will begin its twenty-four-hour schedule, Sunday through Friday.

Please remember, the University Libraries are your bridge to your academic success. We provide access to the many information resources, both electronic and print, that will help you achieve your scholastic and research goals. The Saint Louis University Libraries’ faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed at SLU. Don’t hesitate to seek us out for help or information. Check out our Twitter account too, (Twitter.com/piuslibrary) it’s one of several ways to contact our staff for assistance at any time. Our subject librarians, in particular, are always available to assist students.

Good luck and much success,

David Cassens, Dean of Libraries

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